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London Painters and Decorators example of a High Gloss Painte door
Very Old Oak Door in Black Gloss Endorsed By The Painting and Decorating Association

London Painters and Decorators Your No 1 for Painting and Decorating

General Painting and Decorating, of the Interior and Exterior of Domestic and Commercial properties. This is something we have extensive experience in and enjoy. And because of this we can carry out Your Decorating requirements in a Professional, Competent and No fuss Manner.

We use [The Mirka Dustless Sanding and Extraction Process] in our preparation to,

  • Keep the work area Extremely Clean
  • Be More Pleasant for our Clients who may have allergies and ourselves
  • Quicker than manually hand Sanding
  • Removes old brush marks and old paint Runs leaving a smooth flat surface
  • Allows a much better Standard of preparation where edges of lifted paint can be smoothed and feathered in effortlessly.
  • Is A much better all round process for the most important stage of any Decorating Project
15 Piece, Butt Join Mural Wallpaper
15 Piece, Butt Join Mural Wallpaper, Offices in West London

London Painters and Decorators The No 1 for Wallpaper Murals, and Wallpaper

London Painters and Decorators hang most Wallpapers. From the basic domestic types of Papers all the way through to The High End Fabrics. Below is just a brief run down of the typical Wallpapers we hang,

  • Lining Paper
  • Textured coverings such as Anaglypta and Blown Vinyl.
  • Paper backed (paste the paper) patterned type coverings.
  • Non woven (Paste the wall) Patterned type coverings.
  • Wide width Contract Vinyl (Muraspec).
  • Block, Hand Printed coverings.
  • Fabrics including Grasscloth, Suede, Silk’s.

Because of the satisfaction we enjoy when providing our Client’s with a high standard of Traditional type wall coverings, we have also Specialised in the installation of Bespoke Wallpaper Murals, and have appeared on Sarah Beeney’s TV show Renovate Not Relocate.

London Painters and Decorators
Air Assisted Airless Paint Sprayer

London Painters and Decorators Your No1 for Paint Spraying

We have extensive experience in all types all Paint Spraying and have our own Airless, Air Assisted Airless and HVLP Paint Sprayers.

Below are a sample of the typical spraying we carry out

  • Old UPVC and Powder coated Windows and Doors
  • New MDF Cabinets
  • Big Interior and Exterior Surfaces of plaster and Masonry Ceilings and Walls
  • High, Ornate Cornice and ceilings
  • And Where Practical, Domestically.

In combination with our [Mirka Dustless Sanding and Extraction Process] we can produce that Higher Quality finish Our Clients Come back to us for

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