About us London Painters and Decorators

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is quite simple.

Our Priority is in providing a high quality finish for our Clients with the level of professionalism and Customer Service our Clients should expect from a Professional Decorating Contractor.

We aim to achieve this by various means

  • 30 years extensive experience within the Painting and Decorating industry. Working for various Domestic and Commercial Clients and providing a variety of finishes with a vast range of products and materials has been the foundations of our business
  •  Dustless Sanding and Extraction Technology that improves our Productivity and Quality has been highly successful in meeting and in many cases surpassing Client expectations. We use a fully Dustless Sanding and Extraction system for our preparation that gives superb sanding results, fast and Clean and is always appreciated by Clients who were unaware of such equipment.
  •  Paint Spraying also plays a big part in providing a classy finish in conjunction with the dustless sanding especially as the industry is moving more and more towards Water Based Paints where the finish achieved with a Brush is acceptable but when Sprayed can be Exceptional and Noteworthy. We have  Graco Airless, Air Assisted Airless and HVLP Spraying Set ups that provide the high standard of finish for different applications.
  • Traditional Methods of using Brushes and rollers are still employed where Spraying may not be Practical or Suitable and we also use the best quality equipment to achieve the desired results.
  •  Upholding the Values of the Painting and Decorating Association of which we are active members.
  •  Honesty and Straight Dealing is the Key for a successful Client/Contractor relationship and Successful Project. All advice given by ourselves will be of A honest nature explaining any Pros or Cons. If we say we will be there we will be there, If we can’t do a job for whatever reason we will say so. Some of the work we do comes from Web sites that Clients leave Feedback after the work has been completed and working the way we do and keeping to our philosophy we are proud of our 100% Ratings..


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