External Painting and Repairs to Grade 1 Listed Building Painters and Decorators London
External Painting and Repairs to Grade 1 Listed Building

If you require Internal or External Painters and Decorators, We can provide an exceptional service for you.

We work in London and the surrounding area.

We can take care of all Repairs and Access required for a successful Painting Project.

Timber repairs are rectified with Traditional Carpentry methods or the modern Resin Repair Care System.

Plastering can be taken care of so our Clients have no need to employ multiple Contractors for their Project.

We can organise Scaffolding, Mobile Elevated Working Platforms, Mobile Towers and Traditional Ladders to perform our works

We use Eco friendly Paint systems when required.

Due to our investment in Dustless Sanding and Extraction processes we can minimise inconvenience to our Clients with allergies.

Paint Spraying is also a service we provide and have our own Airless, Air Assisted Airless and HVLP Equipment. We spray all paints to all substrates including PVC and Powder Coated windows and doors as well as Kitchen units.

Over 30 years we have gained extensive experience with all types of buildings and their differing requirements.

Our Work varies From the average Home to Commercial properties such as Shops, Restaurants, Hotels and Offices.,

We also have extensive experience with Listed Buildings and their requirements.

Take a look at our Gallery of some examples of our Work or look us up on Steven Field Painters and Decorators Facebook

For a Free Quotation for your Project we would be pleased to hear from you, just fill in the box below or give us a call on 07948 187348

We look forward to hearing from you.